A Deleuzian Approach to Curriculum: Essays on a Pedagogical by J. Wallin

By J. Wallin

This paintings examines the impoverished photograph of lifestyles presupposed through the legacy of transcendent and representational considering that keeps to border the boundaries of curricular thought.

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556). The transcended world, while appearing as an affirmation of life, actively denounces its immanent and creative forces. Put differently, the transcendent affirms the power of life by limiting its powers of difference. The productive potential of desire is morally reduced to an indulgence, the immanent overcoming of negative affects dubbed delusional. It is in this way that Nietzsche regards the transcendent ideals of the ascetic priest a means of enslaving the masses according to the “common sense” of the herd (p.

Like the simulations orchestrated by Orson Welles, the willto-deception creates new actualities that traverse the official meanings or images of the Law/State. Traditionally, stage illusionists have practiced the will-to-deception or seductive powers of the false, playing with the virtual potentials of the positive simulacrum to create new truth affects. Such a deception is not simply illusory, for as I have attempted to describe, reality inheres both actual and virtual expressions. In this vein, the counteractualities imagined by artists and philosophers are no less real.

Against the linear progression and “determinate finality” of meaning in the era of the Law, seduction plays a deadly role (p. 132). That is, while the Law espouses a perspective on reality that is “irreversible” and steeped in the “recurrence of conventional procedures,” seduction decenters signs from their productive or truthful “reality” (p. 139). Put differently, seduction can be evidenced when life does not aim at the representation of reality, but produces real effects through play and artifice.

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