A Practical Guide to Racism by C. H. Dalton

By C. H. Dalton

A examine the races of the area via a lovely bigot, shooting the proud heritage and vivid way forward for racism in a single convenient, authoritative, and deeply offensive volume

Meet ?C. H. Dalton,? a professor of racialist experiences and a professional on inferior humans of all ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual personal tastes. providing facts that everybody can be hated, A functional advisor to Racism includes gleaming bits of knowledge on such matters as:

· the nice lifestyles loved by means of blacks, who shuffle via lifestyles unhindered by means of the white man?s burdens, to develop into entire athletes, rhyme smiths, and dominoes champions
· the unhappy tale of the industrious, clever Jews, whose whole attractiveness is sullied via their flavor for the blood of Christian babies
· a detailed examine the unusual, sweet-smelling race referred to as ?women,? who're now not excellent at anything?especially ruling the unfastened world
· a very important handbook to Arabs, a humans so delicate they're at risk of blow up at any time. Literally.

together with a entire thesaurus of undying epithets, with 1000s of pejorative phrases for everybody from Phoenicians to Jews, A useful advisor to Racism is an important box consultant for our multicultural world.

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