A Woman's Quest for Spiritual Guidance: the correspondence by Angela Hero

By Angela Hero

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92-94 Cf. Greg. , Or. 24,3 (ed. Mossay-Lafontaine, 44, 7-10): πάντα πόθον απεσεισάμην, αφ' ου Χριστφ συνεταξάμην, και ούδεν αίρεί με τών όσα τερπνα τοίς αλλοις και περισπούδαστα 11 95-96 Greg. , Or. 4, 100 (ed. Bernardi, 248, 10) 11 100-101 1 Tim. 9 92 μου Ssv 11 μέγα S 11 94 ερεί S 11 99 προστίθειμι S 11 100 φανεί S 55 in all < your works> also. " Surely this is what I, too, would say and for this reason I seek your company, because not only is it to my spiritual benefit and training-the training which I received but did not accomplish successfully-but it is also most erudite.

45 της σης ποριζώμεθα φιλοθεί'ας, μεταγραφήτω το τών βι­ βλίων έκατέρων κατάστοιχον καΙ πεμφθήτω μοι, ώς αν εκ τούτου το άναγκαιότερον εχων εκλέγεσθαι καΙ χρειω­ δέστερον αιτών λαμβάνω, σου κελευούσης, τα σά. προς δε το παρόν, εί τα Μωσαϊκά σοι εύρίσκονται καΙ το τε- 50 43 τραβασίλειον, πεμφθήτωσάν μοι. τ' άλλα S 59 Who helps and makes perfect and does good to all. Since living as ascetics is better and loftier than living well, we must meet whenever God wills it and we must not complain if this happens at some intervals, for this is what God decrees.

But since your own God-loving disposition happens to prefer solitude to soci­ ety, I do not suspect that I shall cause you any distress even if I were never to leave my solitude. Besides, if we could not com­ municate by letters-just as we do now-such visits would have probably been necessary. But since you can write as well as others can talk, and with such learning and grace, you must not set so much value on these visits. I may also hesitate to walk through the center of the City so often, but I shall not hesitate to write from my solitude.

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