Accountability and the Internet: Managerial Auditing Journal by David Crowther

By David Crowther

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This is not accidental. The framework was adopted because of its explanatory value in social anthropological settings that, while different from organisational settings, share the sense that strategy development practices do vary in distinctive ways. The framework highlights the complexity and sociality of ‘‘choice’’, and give a flavour of its inaccessibility to practitioners. It is as Douglas (1982a, p. 6) suggests: [In examining] the principles of individual choice and conflict of rights we have no way of considering the effect of institutional forms upon moral perception.

The university collective felt that the business school, its credibility now secured through the efforts of two predecessors, needed to return to consensual decision making. Arguably the first director and dean contributed to their own demise through failing to recognise a distinction between negotiated freedom and unfettered freedom, that their freedom to govern was given by colleagues on the basis of consensual decision making. The creation of more formal committees and centres of academic excellence were meant to circumscribe the freedom of future deans[3].

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