Aftermath: The Unintended Consequences of Public Policies by Thomas E. Hall

By Thomas E. Hall

When executive imposes new taxes, principles, or laws, it creates results that regularly range from the unique rationale. in certain cases, those results are so critical that they render the coverage a failure. The legislations of accidental outcomes has taken on an expanding significance in the course of the period of ever-expanding govt, and this booklet explores 4 very important examples: cigarette taxes, alcohol prohibition, the minimal salary, and federal source of revenue tax. Thomas E. corridor examines how the regulations got here into being, what underlying political concerns motivated the method, the accidental results of the regulations, and why a lot of those regulations are nonetheless in position. simply because lots of those accidental effects are heavily adversarial, the writer argues that the ethical of those 4 key examples is that each time a brand new executive coverage is being thought of, even more particular overview has to be given to the variety of strength accidental consequences—a perform that's hardly ever or effectively undertaken.

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Federal government responded by increasing expenditures on defense goods. By 1916, higher defense spending combined with falling revenue from customs duties (due to fewer imports from war-torn Europe) caused the government to incur a sizable budget deficit. More revenue was needed, and the income tax was suddenly, conveniently available. The Emergency Revenue Act of 1916 raised the tax rate on incomes above $4,000 from 1 percent to 2 percent, and pushed the top rate to 13 percent on incomes above $2 million.

In effect, this is an intergenerational transfer scheme that taxes workers and pays older retirees. Retirees, of course, feel entitled to these benefits because they have paid taxes into this system while they worked, and the current workers accept the arrangement so long as they believe benefits will be available when they retire. The huge expansion of transfer payments has required higher tax rates to help fund them. Recall that in 1937, the original Social Security payroll tax rate for OASDI (old-age, survivors, and disability insurance) was 2 percent.

6 Since rear-end collisions are usually less injurious than T-bone collisions, traffic cameras seem justified on safety grounds, although there is disagreement on this point. Another example is China’s one-child policy, which was instituted in 1979. This policy restricts married couples to one child, although there are exceptions, depending on various factors, including the couple’s ethnicity and where they live in China. Couples who violate the policy are subject to severe fines. In addition, some reports mention women enduring forced abortions and sterilizations, as well as government officials seizing babies and selling them on the adoption market.

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