An introduction to the study of the Kabalah by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

Historical Ritualistic Lore and Prophecies of the longer term Made show up to guy. With 8 Diagrams. Contents: The Kabalah; the sensible Kabalah; The Dogmatic Kabalah

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I&J ~ 0 0 0 0 0 ~ ( 01 0 0 en a: ~ CL aLI III a: 0 0 0 [ • t- THE DOGl\fATIC KABALAH 45 Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh, numbering 26. , and VI. This Decad of Deific Emanations is . to be conceived as first formulated on the Divine First plane of Atziluth, which is entirely beyond our ken; to be reproduced on the Second plane of pure Spirit, Briah; to exist in the· same Decad form in the world of Yetzirah, the Third or Formative plane; and finally to be sufficiently condensed as to be cognizable by the human intellect on the Fourth plane of Assiah, on \vhich we seem to exist.

3) That human souL~ were pre-existent in an upper world before the origin of this present world. (4) That human souls before incarnation dwell now in an ' Upper Hall, or Treasury where the decision is made as to what earth body each soul or ego shall enter. (5) . That every soul after earth life or lives must at length be so purified as to be re-absorbed into the Infinite God. (6) That one human life is seldom sufficient; that two earth lives are necessary for almost all to pass'; . and that if failure result in the second life, a third life is passed linked with a.

42 THE KABALAH But it is not this dream-like aspect of poetic phantasy exhibited in the Kabalah that I can further bring to your notice. Let us return to the Philosophic view of the attributes of Deity, \vhich is the keynote of the \vhole of the doctrine. " The Passive has put on Activity: the Conscious God has a'waked. Let us now endeavour to conceive of the concentration of this effulgence, let us formulate a gathering together of the rays of this illumination into a Cro\vn of glorified radiance, and we recognise KTR, Kether, the Crown, the First Sephira, First Emanation of Incomprehensible Deity, the first conceivable attribute of immanent manifested Godhead: also named ADM OILAH, Adam Oilah, The Heavenly Man, and Autik Yomin, The Ancient of days.

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