Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July August 2003 (Volume by Stanley Schmidt: Editor

By Stanley Schmidt: Editor

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Park clutched at his strap, in his imagination seeing the VTOL fall down the 500 meter cliffs, get caught by crosswinds that slammed it against the rocks. The engines roared more loudly, as if the pilot were desperate to regain control. Then, slowly, the noise level tapered off. The deck tilted slightly in the direction of the cargo door. Stevenson-Chung pressed a button on the wall and the door swung down to become a gangway. “Everyone out,” he shouted. Or at least Park, still partially deafened, thought that was what he said.

I collapsed beside her on my knees and gasped for air, hardly able to think. ” She was conscious “Take it easy. ” “Severed spine,” she gasped “A leg wound, too, I think, but I can't feel that, can I? ” “If I don't bloody bleed to death first. The leg, Abe. ” I got my pack off and found my med kit had been blown to bits. I worked hers off as gently as I could, fearful of the damage I might do, found the kit and got my gloves off. The frigid wind froze my hands almost instantly; I tried to shelter them and ignore it as I cut away the layers of cloth where the hole and the blood were, just above her knee.

Right , Park thought. The impression he had gained from the media was that all Naturalers lived for publicity. Nova's one word name proclaimed her contempt for tradition and for the First Families whose names might be lost. “You are the man who knee-capped Kent Bainbridge-Keating,” she continued. It was like a slap in the face. For more than ten years, half the Skiland population had considered him a racial traitor. Kent's baby boy, Hamilton, had been kidnapped by the White People, native Skilanders, and the Changeling left in the boy's place.

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