Anti-Theory in Ethics and Moral Conservatism by Stanley G. Clarke, Evan Simpson

By Stanley G. Clarke, Evan Simpson

This quantity files a flow from thought and ideas in ethics to an account of morality in line with neighborhood perform and notion of the actual case. The creation lays the basis for this place, then the authors draw from the analytic culture as they forcefully argue opposed to conception derived from assorted philosophical ancestors. within the moment part they learn ethical conservatism, displaying how putting ethical perform as fundamental doesn't limit one to any type of political conservatism.

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The operation of benevolence is circumscribed by justice, and even the end which the virtue prescribes is qualified, in that we are not told to be glad that good should come to some when it comes through evil to others. The fact that benevolence is a virtue, and a virtue which dictates attachment to the good of others, does not, then, give morality a universal end or goal; and the same is true of other parts of morality which have to do with what must be aimed at or desired. Thus the moral requirement to fight injustice does not imply that one must, or may, fight it by any means.

The agent is supposed to think that it is worse if he takes the job than if someone else does, even when their situations do not relevantly differ. 11 It is to be morally worse from his point of view. But it is hard to know what this means. Sen suggests a comparison with an aesthetic proposition to the effect that an object is beautiful (he must surely mean 'looks beautiful') from a certain position. 12 But the comparison will not go through. Anything which is, visually, 28 Morality, Action and Outcome beautiful is so because it looks beautiful.

No doubt some will deny this conclusion about the mere spectator's wishes; but simpler examples from more familiar surroundings might make them think again. For would it not be objectionable if, in a hospital where patients were dying for lack of a transplant, the death of someone in the hospital with several transplantable organs was automatically treated as good news? It follows from what has been said in the last two paragraphs that the recognition of a moral distinction between allowing and initiating evil is not able by itself to take care of all our non-utilitarian moral intuitions.

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