Antietam 1862

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Rebel at Large: The Diary of Confederate Deserter Philip Van Buskirk

This diary is likely one of the most unique produced in the course of the Civil conflict since it includes little or no approximately army existence. Early within the battle Van Buskirk deserted his regiment, operating as a schoolmaster, farm hand, and informal laborer. He wrote of the ache civilians persisted by the hands of contending armies.

A Secession Crisis Enigma: William Henry Hurlbert and

"The Diary of a Public Man," released anonymously in different installments within the North American overview in 1879, claimed to provide verbatim debts of mystery conversations with Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward, and Stephen A. Douglas--among others--in the determined weeks earlier than the beginning of the Civil warfare.

The War Worth Fighting: Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Civil War America

“Were the result of the Civil conflict worthy its large fee in lives and assets? The admired historians during this thought-provoking quantity lay an organization foundation for answering the query within the affirmative. ”—James M. McPherson, writer of Abraham Lincoln   “These perceptive essays remind smooth american citizens why Abraham Lincoln and the Civil warfare occupy a valuable position in our broader nationwide historical past.

Wendell Phillips: Liberty’s Hero

In the course of the Civil struggle period, no different white American spoke extra powerfully opposed to slavery and for the beliefs of racial democracy than did Wendell Phillips. Nationally recognized as "abolition's golden trumpet," Phillips turned the North's most generally hailed public lecturer, although he espoused principles such a lot considered as deeply threatening -- the abolition of slavery, equality between races and periods, and women's rights.

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Calloway of Company I, First California Infantry, to command the advance into Arizona. Calloway’s force totaled 272 men and included his own company of foot soldiers and Captains McCleave and Pishon’s companies, A and D respectively, of the First Cavalry. Young Lieutenant James Barrett commanded McCleave’s men now, and Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Phelan drilled a detachment of 1. James P. Newcomb Diary, May 15, 1862, CAH. “The Girl I Left Behind Me” was traditionally played when a command left a military station for the field.

If captured, the messenger could eat the real thing and turn the phony papers over to the enemy. Carleton intended to deceive the Confederates for as long as possible about his expedition’s true purpose, hoping to surprise them in Tucson or pitch into Sibley’s rear somewhere along the Rio Grande. Calloway’s advance troops prepared well for the long desert trek to Tucson. The march to Fort Yuma, where some soldiers had been waiting as long as five months, had been good practice. Both officers and enlisted men benefited from the journey and the experience of desert living at Fort Yuma while the column slowly grew, one company at a time.

The California mounts were famed for their endurance but could not carry the weight larger horses bore. 33 Cavalry regiments received three types of saddles. The “Grimsley” dragoon saddle, adopted in 1847, was too wide and flat in design to fit the small California horses; these saddles went back to the arsenal for reissue to the artillery. The volunteers soon learned an ill-fitting saddle would gall and ruin a good horse, so a new pattern, inspired by a popular Mexican style, went into production.

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