Aristocrats in Bourgeois Italy: The Piedmontese Nobility, by Anthony L. Cardoza

By Anthony L. Cardoza

This ebook offers the 1st complete account of the Italian Sobility within the post-unification period, and demanding situations fresh interpretations that experience under pressure the quick fusion of previous and new elites by way of highlighting the continued financial power, social energy and political impact of Italy's such a lot sought after local aristocracy. In Piedmont, the nobles constructed extra oblique sorts of effect, whereas final a separate and specific workforce with restricted social contacts with commercial or managerial elites, till global battle I reworked their outdated lifestyle.

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1 5 - 1 8 , 3 6 - 3 7 ; Woolf, "Studi sulla nobilta piemontese," p p . 169-170; Marchisio, "Ideologia e p r o blemi delTeconomia familiare," 9 8 - 1 0 1 . See Pugliese, "Produzione, salari e redditi," p p . 21—88. Bulferetti, " I piemontesi piu ricchi," p p . 7 7 - 7 9 . ARISTOCRATS IN BOURGEOIS ITALY 23 tinued to enjoy a range of exclusive rights and privileges. The reforms of Vittorio Amedeo II effectively destroyed any lingering pretensions of the nobility to independent political power, but they did not eliminate all their fiscal exemptions; in fact, the nobility and clergy still owned more than a fifth of the land in Piedmont taxfree after 1731.

2 6 9 - 2 7 0 ; Woolf, "Economic Problems of the Nobility," 2 8 0 - 2 8 1 , and "Studi sulla nobilta piemontese," pp. 1 2 - 1 3 ; Bianchi, Storia della monarchia piemontese, vol. 1, pp. 410, 432—433. For a comparative analysis of landholding o n the Italian peninsula at the end of the eighteenth century, see Zangheri, "La proprieta in Italia," p p . 9 - 1 6 . O n the difficulties experienced by the patriciates of Venice, Milan, and Florence, see Davis, " T h e Decline of the Venetian Nobility," pp.

But the continued presence of foreign troops on Piedmont's soil translated into new financial impositions and other inconveniences for noble landowners. 65 The abolition of feudal privilege, recurrent warfare, and Jacobin persecution may have caused the nobility a great deal of discomfort and humiliation, but they did not destroy overnight century-old positions of wealth and prestige. , pp. 183-189. , p . 184. I n regard t o the continued economic difficulties, see, for example, the situation o n the estates of the d'Azeglio family in the winter of 1799—1800, as reported in Nada, Roberto d'Azeglio, vol.

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