Longman Science for AQA (AQA GCSE Science) Teacher's guide by Nigel English

By Nigel English

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Lesson ideas Starter • AT The ActiveTeach includes an animation that • Ask students to work in pairs for 5 minutes to jot shows how substances are exchanged between blood and dialysis solution in the dialyser. This can be compared with the animation of normal kidney function for the previous topic to highlight similarities and differences. down what effect there would be if the kidneys suddenly stopped working. ) Take answers from the class to make sure that they have a clear understanding of the role of the kidneys from the last topic.

4 Plan to include use of potometer, several different air temperatures with same plant, and same light and other conditions. 5 Wind blows away any water particles next to the leaf, increasing the concentration gradient between the leaf and the air. A greater concentration gradient means greater rate of diffusion. 6 Dry and hot. 7 Stop photosynthesis as chloroplasts would run out of carbon dioxide to convert to glucose. © Pearson Education Limited 2007 3 Right side of heart, lung circulation through capillaries in lungs, left side of heart, body circulation through capillaries in other organs, right side of heart.

Should show understanding that exercise needs to be developed slowly, and aimed at cardiovascular endurance as well as general muscle fitness. 5 It shows that lactic acid is needed by muscle cells when fatigued to improve contraction response rather than damaging them. 9 Fatigue and anaerobic respiration 6 Understanding that lactic acid is important could change exercise that only improves aerobic respiration over longer periods, to a mixture of that and improving the body’s response to higher levels of lactic acid from anaerobic respiration.

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